No matter who you are, unless of course you are an exception to the rule, there is going to be a time in your life when you just sit down and spare a few thoughts to how your life has been, or where it is going.

Then maybe think to yourself oh shoot (or words to that effect), “how do I go about dealing with getting older?”

Look, don’t get too stressed out about it, just take a moment and accept that it happens to the best of us.

We can’t avoid getting older, it’s one of those inevitable things that will eventually happen to everyone, but what we can do is make sure we don’t let it get us down, so much that we stop enjoying our lives.

There are a couple of ways of tackling getting older, which can make a difference in how you experience it.

You can either stay optimistic by continuing to carry on living your life as though you are still in your younger years.

Say for instance taking part in various physical activities and your usual social stuff as though age still isn’t an issue.

Or, you can give into those fears of getting older, so you get all down and depressed every time another birthday rolls by.

So what’s it to be?

The choice is yours.

​5 ways to Help Deal with Some of the Concerns of Getting Older:

Follow your doctor’s advice

Modern science is constantly changing and a lot has been focused on the prevention of the diseases of aging so that people are beginning to live longer and healthier lives, more so now than they were just a couple of decades ago.

Some of your ancestors may have died young of cancer or lifestyle diseases like diabetes and heart disease, but know that this doesn’t have to be repeated in your generation.

A lot of these diseases were fatal years ago because the knowledge wasn’t available to show the relationship between lifestyle and aging.

In addition, they didn’t have access to the amazing medical advances that have made it difficult to die from a bacterial infection, heart disease, and lung disease.

Quite a few cancers and cardiovascular diseases can also be discovered early enough so that their complications can be avoided.

So make sure you see your doctor for check-ups on a regular basis just in-case, so that you can be treated for any early disease and reminded of those things you need to do in order to prevent advanced diseases of aging.

Change Your Lifestyle Habits

Engaging in some increased activity and a healthy diet can go a long way toward preventing disease and improving your physical appearance as you get a bit older.

You need to realise that you are the one in charge of most of your lifestyle habits that get in the way of growing older gracefully.

This can include cutting down on the booze, making sure your body gets the correct nutrients, stopping smoking, and increasing your daily physical activity.

Maybe you haven’t had the healthiest of habits up until this point in your life, but you can change that around right now so that your body can heal and you will live longer and healthier.

It don’t matter how old you are, it’s not too late to change your lifestyle habits, and reap the benefits.

Ignore the Calendar

When the time comes around, sure have a look at the calendar, acknowledge the date, but try to think of it as just another birthday.

Not as an “Oh God, I’m another year older”. Remember because that date has come around again, you are still the same person you were the day or even the year before.

Carry on with the activities you were dong over the past year, or add new ones. Find some things to stimulate your brain as well.

Remember that your age is just a number, it is the stuff that you get up to that will determine how you are perceived by others and how you see yourself as well.

Build Relationships with People

Make sure that you keep up with your social contacts as you start to get a bit older.

Research shows that married men live longer than single men, and those who keep their close friendships and other relationships going, will live happier and healthier lives for a longer period of time.

Though you would think that there is no reason to suggest this should not apply to women as well, it's not the case, single women win that round.

Take time out to join clubs that have people who have the same or similar interests as yourself, and try to maintain as many lifelong relationships as you can.

Remember that relationships are a two way street, so the more you work on your half of any relationship, the healthier and longer your relationships will continue. 

Don’t be Scared to Talk

When it comes to dealing with getting older, you might be experiencing all kinds of emotions from confusion as to why your hair is turning grey, to just being plain scared of getting old.

It’s different for everyone.

But you are not alone in having these feelings, many others experience the same, and it is possible to process these feelings and get through them so you can actually look forward to and enjoy your older years.

If the issue is getting to you that much, try talking to someone, it doesn’t have to be in a therapy session (unless that’s what you want), it can be with a close friend or an older member of your family.

It’s good to get some of these emotions out in the open, because when you are chatting about them with someone who is prepared to listen, for some reason they seem less of a big issue than when they are being bottle up inside.

A Positive Outlook to Dealing with Getting Older

There are loads of positive benefits to getting older, just take a bit of time out to sit back and think about them, and when you do it will be as though a burden has been lifted from your shoulders.

Consider this:

Sooner or later you are going to be retired (if you aren’t already), instead of thinking about being on the scrap heap, as so many people do, change your thought process to something more optimistic.

Without having to get up and travel to work, or living to a schedule tied to a clock, you are free to do whatever you want each and every day.

Open your mind and think about all the things you wanted to do when you were younger, but just didn’t have the time to get round to doing them.

Then make a plan, and go get out there and live a bit.